About the platform

The Humanitarian Platform for Local and National Organisations in Uganda is a mechanism to strengthen coordination and capacity of local and national organisations in dealing with the humanitarian situation in Uganda, including preparedness and response. The Platform comprises various stakeholder groups and constituencies, both local (indigenous) and international, government representatives, NGOs, multilateral development partners, media and academia.

It also includes regional representatives (regional platforms or networks), media organisations in the humanitarian sector, service delivery organizations, organisations focusing on urban refugees, founding member organisations of the Platform, refugee-led organisations, policy advocacy organisations, the Uganda Humanitarian Learning Platform (UHLP), women’s rights organisations, youth organisations, humanitarian sector working groups, faith-based organisations, organisations that provide legal aid; international NGOs.

The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF), Ministry of Local Government, United Nations (UN) Agencies and Uganda NGO Bureau advise and advance the Platform’s strategic focus.


Mission and Goals

“The Vision of the Platform is that local and national organisations are well coordinated, informed and able to influence the humanitarian agenda in Uganda. ”

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Platform is to strengthen coordination, act as a collective voice for policy influence, promote partnerships and build the capacity of local and national organisations to be effective first and post-recovery responders to humanitarian situations in Uganda. ”