Humane Africa Mission

Humane Africa Mission
Humane Africa Mission
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Lango Sub region & Pader District in Acholi Sub region
participation in the sector of health, Environment and Livelihood service through Partnership and Knowledge management

Humane Africa Mission (HAM) is a Ugandan owned Organization with long-term participation in the sector of health, Environment and Livelihood service through Partnership and Knowledge management in all the conflict areas in Africa.

HAM has been implementing health and nutrition services as an operation partner in the humanitarian business for 10 years now. First, as a Community Based Organisation(CBO) in 2009 providing mobile primary healthcare services to the rural communities in Lango Sub region & Pader District in Acholi Sub region which have benefited over 30,000 expectant mothers and children affected by Nodding disease syndrome, carrying out HIV/AIDS screen/testing where in Lango sub region, promoting adolescent health and protection water
springs wells, borehole drilled and seedlings distribution for environmental restoration.

HAM has since been registered with The National Bureau for NonGovernmental Organisations (NGO Bureau) under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uganda as a national NGO. HAM is on a mission to
improve the health and quality of life of the people affected by both Man-made and Natural Disaster through strengthening health system and enhancing environmental protection to enhance livelihood.

The Vision of HAM
The Vision of HAM is to have a healthy and productive refugees and host population that contributes to sustainable environmental utilisation.

The Mission Statement of HAM
To improve the quality of life of the disadvantaged population in the war affected areas through undertaking health and humanitarian interventions for immediate relief and while building capacity and empowering every individual into sustainable livelihood.

Objectives of HAM

1. To increase equitable access to and utilisation of quality health services to persons in need
2. To support mobilisation and facilitate coordinated management health resources towards building a resilient health system to cope with the increased demand on health services in the remote parts of Uganda
3. To facilitate coordinated, Integrated Health Response for disaster and emergency situations
4. To enable equitable access to health education and developmental capacity building to empower individuals to attain sustainability
5. To build, maintain a competitive, transparent, and sustainable national

NON-Governmental organization.
Core Values
• Integrity and Accountability: underpin the approach of all organizational management and support staff to their duties and responsibilities. All personnel are expected to be truthful, reliable, and
accountable for their actions.
• Teamwork: working together for common good of the people in need of humanitarian services
• Equity: Equitable access to health services by both refugees and host communities
• Integration: Integrated service provision, programming and health systems
• Humanity: Compassion for Refugee and Host population health needs
• Efficiency: Adherence to aid effectiveness principles structure

HAM combines relief, healthcare, environment, education and capacity building with research to generate data for in-house, partners and future knowledge for evidence-based interventions. For the research component, as HAM builds it capacity for knowledge management, we shall work in collaboration with higher institutions of learning/Universities, national and international organisations to archive data and evidence generation for the improvement of knowledge, evaluation of intervention strategies and influencing policies.

Strategically, HAM will align strategies and work with the Office of The Prime Minister (OPM) for the policy guidance and regulatory purposes. However, in the greater and extensive operations, we shall also work in collaboration with and through the networks of private sector partners such as Lalar Pharmaceuticals, Pharmaceutical Society Uganda, National Drug Authority for any medical and pharmaceutical related inputs, Uganda Medical Association, the council of nurses and midwives, the health consumer association, social
behaviour change organisations and the media, and any other relevant civil society or private sector organisation during the course of our project implementation.

At the district level, we shall make entry through the local government leadership and have agreement signed for collaborative and leadership role they will play and the overseas supervisory roles for the congruent and
synergistic mobilisation and implementation of the services.

In principle, we shall carry out stakeholders mapping and involvement to guide our partnerships.

Governance of HAM
The Board is the supreme policy/governing body of HAM with responsibilities
▪ Formulating and approving policies to enable HAM carry out its mission and implement its objectives
▪ Developing a framework for efficient and effective management and administration of the Organization
▪ Good Governance of the Organization

Senior Management Team of HAM
The Executive Director (ED) is responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of HAM and reports to the Board. The Heads of Directories who constitute the Senior Management Team assist the ED in policy implementation.

Key functional departments
HAM is organised into five key strategic departments of Programs,Human resources and administration, Research and Knowledge management, Operations and Risk management. HAM is headquartered in Lira town with branch offices in Kampala, and, Field Coordination Offices in the districts of operations headed by Field Coordinators as first line manager. HAM works with the existing government health set up within the districts and through the office of the DHO to ensure that services are provided and not duplicated

HAM contributes to improving access to primary and secondary health care through provision of free mobile medical and surgical services to both the refugees and the population in Northern Uganda. Through Partnership with M2H medical and surgical specialists have been able to volunteer to build capacity of Ugandan health professional in providing specialised medical and surgical care. HAM has employed public health officers whose primary role is to go the community to carry out health promotion and disease prevention at house levels with the help of VHTs. This has resulted into 30,000 expectant mothers being referred to the health facilities on time. Through this approach HAM has been able to reduce on preventable death at community levels.

HAM HIV/AIDS mission team has been able to screen/testing Lango Sub Region, 40,681 youths
were tested, safe male circumcision, promoting adolescent health and 87 protected water springs wells, 15 boreholes drilled and 7 repaired and 900,000 seedlings distributed for environmental restoration.

HAM has also supported the district health systems by providing mobile clinics and surgical camps that saw a number minor surgical and other procedures being provided to a number of patients. In terms of advocacy, HAM is leading the way in advocating for all inclusive and universal health coverage not only in the refugee camps but also host communities in Northern Uganda.

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