The Humanitarian Platform to maximize opportunities at national, regional and global levels

The Humanitarian Platform for Local and National Organisations is mandated to hold monthly meetings to strengthen the coordination, review progress on various platform undertakings, identify areas of synergy and plan on participating in different spaces at national, regional and international level.  On 16th August 2018, the platform held a steering committee meeting at NGO Forum Offices and in attendance was TPO Uganda, CAFOMI, DENIVA, LIPRO Uganda, DRT, Uganda National NGO Forum and OXFAM.

Some of the issues discussed hinged around platform membership composition to match the ongoing UNHCR Inter-agency coordination mechanism, issues around participating in the Grand Bargain (GB) work stream platforms with other networks; and mobilization of resources to support the Humanitarian Platform. The platform secretariat intends to organize members into sectors according to the Refugee Response Plan 2019/2020 to be able to widen the scope of participation of the local and national actors in the humanitarian response. From the discussion, the platform will establish ways of acquiring and sustaining funding through a self-assessment process by identifying issues affecting the platform, strengths and gaps where capacity is needed and have an issues paper that can be presented on various influential platforms. This is to ensure the local actors build the muscle to be front bearers of the localization agenda rather than the international community. There was a question on how the platform can participate or link with the discussions at the global level; and the Chair, Mr George Francis Iwa was tasked to map out those different upcoming global events where the platform can either send participants or organize side events to feed into the same. On that note, the platform plans to organise a side event alongside the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 73) in September 2018.

By Clare Kyasiimire